Goin’ Paleo and The Chocolate Chili Recipe

After trying the “Slow Carb Diet” for a month, I have decided to take an extra step and jump into the Whole 30 program for a month—just to see how I do. This diet allows no legumes, dairy, but plenty of veggies, fruits, fats, nuts and eggs. It gives up pasta, bread and any wheat based products as well as sugar and alcohol (oh my!)

While I did lose 8 pounds on the “Slow-carb Diet”, I want to try this Paleo-based diet, expressly modeled after the diet of cavemen. They ate no processed foods and mostly veggies and protein. No dairy—no grain. Therefore, it is also gluten-free, which is the kind of food my daughter needs. So I am continuing to experiment.

After some web browsing, I came across this recipe for “Chocolate Chili.” I decided to make it today. I have to give huge credit to this chili’s creator—it is the best I have ever had. The recipe can be found here:


Trust me. Its like Lay’s potato chips—hard to eat just one bowl. It is low carb, sugar free and simply to die for good. If you like spicy chili, you can add peppers of your choice. As is, it is wonderful. You don’t really taste the chocolate, but it does something to the mix of flavors that will please you. Again—trust me.

So, here I go on a month of the Whole 30 Diet. When I have completed the month, I will give the tally of my weight and how I feel. Right now I am at 212. Let’s see where this diet takes me. In the meantime, try this chili, just as the recipe demands. It is fantastic!


2 comments on “Goin’ Paleo and The Chocolate Chili Recipe

  1. Right on! Glad you liked the Chocolate Chili recipe… and sending you good vibes for an awesome Whole30!

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